Careers at PT Megapolitan Developments Tbk

At PT Megapolitan Developments Tbk, you are given the chance to improve your skill and aptitude professionally. We encourage you to actively nurture your career growth by continuously providing necessary instruments, trainings, support, dynamic work environment, and values that will help you succeed.

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Position Tempat
Sales Property Cinere, Karawaci, Bogor APPLY NOW
Admin Sales Jakarta Selatan APPLY NOW
Marketing Communication Manager Jakarta APPLY NOW
Fit Out Manager (Mall) Bogor APPLY NOW
Casual Leasing Cinere Jakarta APPLY NOW
SPV Engineering Civil (Maintenance) Bogor APPLY NOW
SPV Housing Estate Cinere APPLY NOW
Tenant Relation Manager (Mall) Bogor APPLY NOW
Recruitment Staff Jakarta Selatan APPLY NOW
General Affair Cinere APPLY NOW
Legal (Mall) Bogor, Cinere APPLY NOW
Legal Perizinan Jakarta APPLY NOW
Accounting - Kasir (Property) Bogor APPLY NOW
Advertising dan Promotion Staff Cinere APPLY NOW
SPV Engineering ME (Mall) Bogor APPLY NOW
Site Engineer Landed - Cinere Cinere APPLY NOW